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Monday, March 30, 2009

More on Ft. Pierce

We are still in Ft. Pierce, although Byrne and Sharon left earlier this week, we have been able to keep ourselves busy. In between the rain showers, we have managed to get out and ride our bikes. All the way to West Marine and back, Byrne! I think we should have invested stock in West Marine the way we keep stimulating their business with our money!! But, now we have only one project left to accomplish on the inside of the boat...the outside still has it's own projects!! We now have all the necessary componets to clean and wax the deck of the boat although rain has slowed that project along with the dred of doing it!!

I have finally gotten out and taken some pictures of Ft. Pierce, it really is a nice quiet town with alot going on. In the last three weeks, they have had The Smothers Brothers, Bill Cosby, Peking Acrobats,and The Oakridge Boys performing at the Sunrise Theater. The theater opened in 1923 as the largest on the East coast between Miami and Jacksonville. It remains very active with something new going on almost every day. I found out the Met's hold their spring training camp close,(St. Lucie, Fl) but will miss seeing any games now that they are almost ready for opening Day.

So baseball starts and college b-ball continues...what's up with that?? I thought it was MARCH madness, will they call it April flurry now? All my picks petered out so I have no one to root for! I have moved on to soccer now. MLS kicked off last week and the Womens league on Sunday. I hope they make it this time around. From the look of the first game it has promise. Now there is something to watch on Sundays...check it out!

Enjoy the pictures as we enjoy Ft. Pierce.

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