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Sunday, March 8, 2009


It was the last 3 days of Bike Week and the weather finally co-operated and got warm. Thursday, friends Patti and Steve, from Troy, Ohio came over from Orlando for a day of looking at bikes. We walked most of Beach Street before heading back to the Marina. We walked a total of 4 miles.

On Friday, Gordon and I walked from the marina, over the Rt. 92 Bridge
and then north on Atlantic Blvd, where we had lunch at a favorite BBQ joint appropriately called Hog Heaven. Their were many Harley’s in the parking lot and pigs inside!! We had a table for four outside, but since the wait was so long for the coveted outside seating, we had a couple from St Pete join us. It was a pleasant lunch and really enjoyable talking to someone other than just the two of us. After lunch, we continued our walk and gawked at the many bikes and people drinking along the street. From the beach, we headed back across the Main Street Bridge and back toward the marina.

Just as we were arriving at the entrance to the marina, we ran into Chip and Kay, (BESO) on their way to check out the bikes on Beach Street. We were invited to join them, so we proceeded to walk back up Beach Street where we had just come from!!! Since it was Friday evening, all the crazy people were popping out, including the “Girls Gone Wild” crew. At this point I was just about dragging poor Schooner along the sidewalk! We stopped in at a local watering hole called McK’s for a beer, wound up having 2 and those that know me, that was 2 too many!! We had walked a total of 8 miles in the sun and it was a toss up as to which of the 3 of us was the most tired!!!

Saturday morning, we stopped by the Farmers Market just up the street from the marina. What a great selection of fresh vegetables and fruits. I got some strawberries that came from Plant City, Florida, which is where most of your early spring berries come from. The ones I picked out were wonderful!! I even made a short cake to go with them!! Then it was off on another day of walking…back over to the beach, the pier, Hog Heaven and back to the marina! Again another 8mile day! I guess I shouldn’t total up all the miles I have either walked or bicycled this month. I know it would scare me!!

So, that’s the end of Bike Week Daytona and what a great time we have had here. To our friends we visited, those who visited us and new friends we made, it has truly been a memorable month.

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