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Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Haviing left early this morning, the trip south was breezy and almost cool! Sorry guys, but 70* is cool when your on the water! We were making good time and had the current with us most of the way. Once we reached mosquito Lagoon we heard the Coast Guard anounce the closing of the surrounding area due to tomorrows space launch. Gordon only panicked a little bit! It turned out fine, we entered the Hallover Canal, made it through the Drawbridge an quick time and were on approach to Titusville. We saw alot of dolphin on this trip, but missed seeing the manatee.

We docked at the Titusville City Marina, we have stayed with them before, and were all tied up,electric and water hooked up and riding bikes before 5:00pm. Titusville is a run down small town just north of Cocoa Beach and it's claim to fame is NASA. I can assure you it isn't a vacation destination other than to see a launch or visit NASA its self.

We checked back aboard the boat had some dinner made from the nice vegi's I bought at the Daytona Farmers Market and baked a short bread. Now that's a story!! Ok, so I wanted to bake a shortbread for the wonderful strawberries I had...Troy eat your heart out! I pulled the butter out, found my bisquik in the back of my pantry cabinet which I had to totally unpack to get to, but I did find my bag of sugar there too...which I spilled! So now I have to clean up the sugar spill first before continuing....I was looking at the recipe and of course I miss read the amounts(who would think a recipe would mention that you needed to add a half cup of sugar to the berries??) Any way, I finally got the shortbread in the oven an hour and a half after starting and now it was 9:30, Gordon was asleep so guess who had strawberry short cake all by herself??!? With whipped cream to boot! Gordon will have his for breakfast I guess. I would more baking if it wasn't such a project to do on our boat, I wonder if it's such a project on all boats?

So now I'm tired and full, so good night!

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