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Sunday, March 22, 2009

So, we have been in Ft. Pierce now for a week, after an overnight stay in Melbourne. While in Melbourne we had breakfast with Aunt Lil and Uncle Ron

who winter there from Indiana. They are actually my friend Debbie’s aunt and uncle, but you know when you meet someone for the first time and you feel like you have known them forever? That is how it was. We had a wonderful time chatting and hope they will join us on our return trip north.

Since we have been in Ft. Pierce it has done nothing but rain, at least some time every day. Each morning I can hear a manatee under the boat rubbing it's back and drinking our AC water as it runs out the side of the boat. It's pretty cool and I did catch a picture yesterday morning.

We met up with Tom, from Nipigon, for dinner on Monday. Rose, he cooked a wonderful dinner for us, but we did miss you. Hurry home!!

Our friends, Sharon and Byrne, from Ottawa, Canada, arrived last Saturday and it has been catch up on a whole year ever since! They own a beautiful 42’ custom made (by Byrne’s father) sailboat and are returning from the Bahamas and headed north. They will be continuing their sailing in Lake Ontario for a while!
On St. Patrick’s Day, we partook in drinking some green beer (actually it was just the bottle that was green) on the streets of Ft. Pierce and afterwards had a nice dinner at the “TIKI HUT” here at the marina. The celebration wasn’t like the ones we’ve attended in Dayton, Ohio, but then again you don’t walk around in shorts and tee shirts in Ohio this time of year either! It was small and subdued in comparison, but nevertheless fun!

We have made many trips to Wal-Mart for the girls and West Marine for the men, almost a daily experience!! It is amazing, either what you forget or what else you can find that you need, when you have the ability to go shopping!! We go weeks without seeing a Wal-Mart, then can’t seem to get enough!! And speaking of enough… we went to a “Marine Flea Market” in Dania, Florida, about 2 hours away, and of course found things to buy!!! Gordon and I are trying to do our part for the economy!!! Seriously though, we did get a pair of dock lines to replace some stiff worn out ones and a ball fender to match the one we found on the beach in Turks and Caicos. Then it was off to eat!!!

Patrick, we found another one of the Diners featured by Guy Fieri (in episode 310 Comfort Food), on “Diners, Drive-ins and Dives.” Grandpa’s Bakery and Restaurant was great. Gordon and I had the Rueben’s, Byrne, a ham and mushroom omelet and Sharon had the fruit salad with hot banana bread. I must say we were full when we left, but couldn’t resist some Cannoli’s to take with us for later. Byrne swears we eat our way up and down the coast…maybe we do??! That’s all for now. (It’s time for dinner!)

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