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Wednesday, March 11, 2009


We were up bright and early, still haven't completely adjusted to daylight saving time! We had breakfast, yes, it was strawberry shortcake, then we were off to do some more bike riding. We rode over to the causeway in preparation for finding the best place to be to see the liftoff. We talked to some people who had already parked and were essentially tailgating, although most were inside in their AC motor homes! Everyone seemed excited about seeing this lift, it is only one of a few left to launch before they go to something else. We spent most of the day riding bikes about town and we checked out the Space Park before heading back to the marina for dinner only to find out the launch had been scrubbed!

We got to see the hydrogen spewing from the rocket through binoculars but that would be all she wrote. We will be leaving here in the morning, the next stop will be in Melbourne.

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