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Sunday, October 3, 2010

See ya Later Son

We were up early to get Patrick to the airport for his early flight…he should be home be home by noon. As I reflect on his visit, we really did nothing special, but did spend quality time catching up on the last 10 months. I wish we had a kitchen , not a galley, so he could have made us some of the great dishes he has learned to prepare but I can wait… Now, he is starting baking class, and I look forward to the pies, bread, and other goodies he will learn to fix!! We did fix him a steak dinner, a recipe that we got from friends Chip and Kay…a Santa Barbara favorite. He will probably will take it and make his own tilt to it, but it is one of our favorites here on the boat!! I wish we had taken pictures, as Patrick has grown up so much and its hard to call him my little boy anymore…I can’t call him my little man at 6’1””!! haha He is special as are my girls!!

We no sooner had Patrick on his way north and we were packing for our week at Disney World !! Dan and Debbie would be arriving to spend the night before we headed over to Orlando. The excitement is building and I feel like a little kid. This will be a fun week!!!

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