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Monday, October 4, 2010

Disney Day One

Monday morning, the excitement is too much!! We were all up and milling about the boat early but finally got loaded in the car and on the road by 9am. Our first stop was going to be at Downtown Disney…we needed to pick up our tickets for “Mickey’s not so Scary Halloween Party” which would be later on in the week. And we thought this would be a good day to get into the mood of being 6 instead of 56!!

Downtown Disney, is a shopping/ restaurant division of Disney. We first picked up our Mickey backpacks, free from VISA having gotten a Mickey credit card!!! Thanks Gordon for making this happen!!! And all reservations of having Schooner in tow were disappearing…she is such a great dog!!!

Debbie and I managed to get in some of our shopping
and were able to make plans for tomorrow morning while eating at the Rainforest Café. We enjoyed a great meal surrounder by elephants, gorillas, birds and baboons. and with the occasional thunderstorm including lighting thrown in it was a great experience and my lobster mac n cheese was great!!

After more shopping,I picked up some Christmas gifts for the G-kids, and as the sun was due to set we tried to catch a ride on the tethered balloon
but, unfortunately, the wind was blowing to hard to be able to be able to go up in the tethered balloon, so a picture would have to do. I ahd hoped we might sneek a peek at all of Disney’s World!!!

After about 8 hours of walking, shopping and eating, we were ready to find and check into the hotel…but first a stop at a store for some snacks!!! This is going to be some kind of week...even Schooner is tired and tomorrow will be a long day!!

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