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Monday, October 25, 2010

Ohio Visit

October must be the month for vacations!! No sooner have we finished up our Disney adventure, washed clothes, and we are off to Ohio. Vicky was kind enough to drop us at the Daytona airport this morning to catch a non-stop to Columbus where we were met by Andie and Havyn. It is sooo good to see everyone. Havyn is talking up a storm and we can even understand most of what she says!!! Emeryn has grown and is no longer a baby but a walking talking ball of energy Our trip here is two fold, we of course came to see the family but we are also buying a car!!! Debbie Kingham is selling me her car(after her hubby John backed into it)...she bought a new one!! It is also important for me to see her as she had bypass surgery a few weeks ago and is recovering but I have to see for myself.

Thursday we speent the day at Andies playing with the kids, doing a bit of shopping and trying to stay warm...45 after 75 is cold!!!

Friday morning Andie drove us to Tipp City...we got there about 10 and she returned home leaving the girls with us...surprise!! Debbie and I left Gordon andd John with the girls while we went to the bank, and DMV to change the title and get temporary tags. I am now the owner of a 2000 Nissan Pathfinder. SO much for riding bikes and buses!!hahah When we got back, the guys had fed the girls cookies and milk so they were happy, but Debbie was exhausted. We took off fro Troy, I had to visit Mom & Dad at the cemetary and drop some jewerly off at Wm Boss. This also gave the girls some time to nap in the car. We checked in at the Holiday Inn and then took the girls to Fulton Farm's pumpkin patch. The weather has cooperated and was about 65 so it was a great time to spend at the farm...plus I got my anglefood cake and the girls got a hudge pumpkin!!!

We met John and Debbie for dinner at our hangout in Fairborn, Giovanni's. It was soo much fun spending time with John and Debbie, Emily and Deb's sister, Theresa and the pizza was great like always!!
It was back to the hotel room, the girls took a long hot bath put on jammies and were asleep in no time. Not once did either ask for mommy or daddy!!! They slept until 9 when we finally got them dressed and fed...you can't believe how much they ate for beeakfast!! This was another day of visiting friends, Dan & Louise Plow, Louise had a stroke2 months ago and she is slowly recovering and it had been a while since we had seen them. And we also stopped in to see Coach P. last Christmas we had seen him and I was sure it was the last. He ahd broken his hip falling out of a deer stand and wasn't recovering very well. He has now recovered completely and back to his ornery self. Next was was lunch with diving buddies Guy, Marilyn, Phil, Cherri, Teri and Rotten Ron!!! Wow that was some kinda long lunch!!! The girls were troopers and behaved as did Schooner. Our last stop was at John and Debbie's for a final good by this trip and then head back to Columbus!! Don't think Andie or Jeremy missed the girls, they weren't home when we arrived and I had both girls bathed and ready for bed when they came in...hope they enjoyed the peace and quiet!!

It's Sunday and we went to watch Andis play soccer. It has been 12 years since she played competatively but to watch her play you wouldn't guess!!She still has the moves...lol Steaks for dinner and quiet time made the day.

We were up early today...babysitting while Andie and Jeremy are at work, I don't think I could do this every day but it sure has been fun spending time getting to know the grandkids!! Spent the afternoon shopping and preparing for the road trip while Gordon checked out the car...oil fluids etc. Jeremy and Gordon went to lunch as did Andie and I ...separate places though and then we went to watch Andie play indoor soccer. Indoor is so fast and rough especially coed. Her team won the league title and she had 5 goals in two games...I am so happy she has returned to the game....Tomorrow ...ROAD TRIP!!!

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