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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Disney Epcot

Up at 6:30 and met for breakfast at 7 oooowww we started early, but wanted to be over at Epcot gates when they opened. Epcot is one of the biggest of the parks and we wanted to see it all!!! Ofcourse, we were about 30 minutes early and had to wait around so we took some pictures, shopped and visited the RR before the gates opened!

We first went over to the Test track where lines were suppose to be long but, we quickly learned Schooner was our fast pass to all rides, so waiting in lines wouldn't be an issue!! You don't get to actually drive a car at the test track but you go on this ride that simulates being on a race track and testing all the parts of a car in production. FAST FAST FAST!! We decided to slow down after that one and visited The Land Pavillion. Here we went soaring...this was my favorite, and Living with the Land where the Disney gardens are located. After a quick bite to eat, it was on to the Seas with Nemo and freinds....cute and nice aquariums and show. Then over to Imagination! Pavilion where we watched Michael Jackson as Captain EO,in a 3-D movie. And saw Figment. It was here where we got to see Mickey as ths Sorcerer!!

By this time, it felt like we were running short on time so we started cruising through the Country Pavillions. This is where you could spend hours in each country....shopping, eating and watching entertainment. My highlights were Italy and the pastries, Mexico and the Three Caballeros, Canada and the 360 movie with Martin Short and United Kingdom where we met Mary Poppins, Alice in Wonderland,and Pooh & Tiger. YEA more Characters!!

We made it almost all the way through the Countries, when everyone was lining the lakefront to watch IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth it is a spectacular night show filled with pyrotechnics, lasers, fire and fountains on World Showcase Lagoon. We found the handicap area where Schooner wouldn't be stepped on in the dark and we were set with a great viewing area...thanks Schooner!!

Long day...14 hours and still more tomorrow...oops today!!!

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