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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Disney Studio's Day Three

Well we were not so early this morning...breakfast at 7:30!! My legs are a bit sore the cold soak and Flexall 454 helped a bunch last night. I am prepared to start another day!!! The plan is that we can see all there is to see here at the studio's and then make it over to the Magic Kingdom for the Electric Light Parade this evening so let's get started.

We arrived in time to see the gates open and the rush of people head to the Tower of Terror...haha we took our time and still rode it without waiting, thanks Fast Pass Schooner! Dan and I tricked Debbie into going...haha it wasn't soooo bad just the first jolt!! We then made our way to the Rockin Rollercoaster. Gordon opted out on this ride so Dan rode with Debbie then with me...it was good , but then again I have been to Cedar Point, roller coaster capital of the world!!! Again no waiting...so we cruised the streets and shops for a while, I forgot to mention I was on a penny hunt this whole time so it was necessary to find some pennies here,too!!!

We met up with some shady characters, Pooh, Tiger, Pluto, And Goofy...It feels funny waiting in line to have a picture taken with characters without kids in tow but Schooner was a CHAMP!!!

We took the back lot tour where we saw how explosives are set in water for films and some of the props used in Disney films and the Disney Parades. The original Micky Mouse airplane is also on display. We took a stroll through an indoor movie memorabilia exhibit where we viewed costumes, props and sets from some of the greatest movies and television shows of our time. Just walking around the park you would jump from Paris to San Francisco to some street in Georgia or New York. It's movie magic!!!

We finally had some lunch...Italian food, good and filling, then headed over to The Extreme Stunt Show which reveals the film making secrets behind complex vehicle stunts and electrifying pyrotechnics...this was a bit loud for Schooner but she was a trooper and stuck it out. Besides she had plenty rest after she ate her lunch and we finished ours. So much for excitement, we saw the Journey Into Narnia: Prince Caspian where we walked through Narnia and saw how the fantasy storey was created. That was pretty cool!! But not to be outdone by taking the Great Movie Ride that takes you through realistic recreations of memorable film moments, from 1930s gangster flicks to contemporary sci-fi classics.

Now, it was time to head over to WDW and see the Electric Light Parade...this is my most memorable thing we did when the kids were little and still so exciting to see!!!
It was fun to see Debbie's face when we entered the World...her excitement was contagious!! Again, after walking down Main Street, we found a spot where we could see the parade and fireworks that followed...it was a magical night!!

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