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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Black Point, Exuma

We have arrived in Black Point, Exuma, via Georgetown, Exuma.
Our crossing from Clarence Town, Long Island was fairly uneventful with only some large swells, but a Northerly wind that helped with our sailing. We did have to say goodbye to Brenda and Grant, (BELLEZA) as they headed for New Bight, Cat Island while Kay and Chip (BESO) headed with us to Georgetown. Last year, when we were in Georgetown, is when I hurt my back crossing from the anchorage to town!
This year I was able to enjoy the sights a bit better and most of the boaters have already headed north, so the anchorage was almost empty.

Our first night there we were anchored off Sand dollar Beach. It is long and shallow and Schooner couldn’t wait to check it out. She has really taken to swimming and chasing crabs and digging up starfish from the bottom. Later that night we experienced 35knot winds, rain and the anchor slipping. When we got up we were in the channel!! So much for the new Bruce Anchor holding! We moved down a ways to Monument Beach and found a quiet spot and cleaned the bottom of the boat. (Always something) Oh, and more boat problems!! The generator threw a belt and broke a pulley but Gordon has it kinda fixed and is hoping to find someone with a mig welder to complete the job. We are running the engine to keep the batteries up to speed and trying nor to use much of any electric stuff. And then there’s the voltage regulator, died, dead, gone, kaput!!! Chip had a spare and we are up and running again with that one. All that in a matter of three days!!

So we sailed in here to Black Point, yesterday and found Lorraine’s. It is a little restaurant/bar with a room for Internet. The bar is on the honor system and the beer is cold….cokes too! We will be leaving in the morning headed north, maybe Sampson Cay, but we will be following the Exumas up to Norman’s Cay before heading into Nassau.

We wish all of you mothers a wonderful day on Sunday and we will toast all of you from here.

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