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Saturday, May 24, 2008


Yesterday, we left Cape Eleuthera. Neither of us had much sleep, as all of the power from Rock Sound south was off!! It could have been due to the high temperatures of the day (96° UNPRESIDENTED), and there was no wind, so the inside of the boat was HOT!! I gave up the bed for the deck. It was cooler, but the mosquitoes were hell and now I am covered in bites. Also, all of Gordon’s bragging about fixing the generator went down the tube in less than 6 minutes, when the NEW belt shredded and the pulley broke!! He said it was due to not being able to weld cast iron to steel with the little, low power welder he used. We are again without a generator…it lasted all of 1 day and a total of 8 minutes running time!! Thank you NEXTGEN!!! (I promised not to complain too much about them.)

The crossing back to Compass Cay was great and it is nice to be back, it's something about the familiarity. It didn’t take us long to get the AC hooked up and take a nap…life is so stressful without sleep! LOL Today it is still very hot (90°)…even Schooner is chillin' in the AC! Life should change here tomorrow, though, when the cold front arrives. We are expecting high winds (nothing new for this winter) and rain (which is greatly needed). Looks like we will be the ones with a yucky Memorial Day weekend.

Have a great weekend and don’t forget to thank a soldier! (veteran) Also, I want to wish Hank and Carol (Warrior Soccer Classic) a great weekend of soccer, I miss being there!

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