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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Land and Sea Park, Wardwick Wells, Exuma

To backtrack a few days… Last entry was at Compass Cay, where we celebrated my birthday. We left early Saturday morning, heading north to the Exuma Land and Sea Park, in Wardwick Wells. We anchored in the north moorings at about noon and the wind started blowing lightly, which was a good thing… it was about 92° with almost NO humidity and frankly unheard of here in the Bahamas. We did some swimming from the boat and I’d like to report that Schooner now knows how to dive off the back of the boat, it’s the getting back on, we’re still working on!
Gordon is going to try and modify our ladder so we can still use it and her too! Later that evening, we attended a beach party celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Park. We were provided hamburgers, chips and 2 beers each. (Nothing like rationing) The beer was “SANDS” made in Freeport, Grand Bahama, and it was quite good. (Cheaper than KALIK, too!)

Mother’s day started off with breakfast ala Gordon, then we hiked to BOO BOO Hill and the blowholes before more swimming.
It was an incredibly hot day! We were treated to a spectacular sunset as we dined on Omaha steaks, au gratin potato, and green beans. (Not bad eatin’)

We headed out Monday morning for Norman’s Cay’ as the wind kicked up from out of the west! It was the most miserable, wet run we’ve had in a long time. At Norman’s, we anchored and proceeded to wash the boat down with fresh water, bucket full by bucket full!! We took Schooner ashore and got the chance to look around the island. For those of you who don’t know, this island was the former property of drug lord Carlos Lederer. The USA came in on a raid, guns blazing and captured him, back in the late 1980’s. Since that time, not much has been done here and the only thing in order is the runway and a bar that is closed on MONDAY’S! (more to come from Norman’s when we return)

After a very windy night, we pulled anchor 10:30am and headed for Highborn Cay, Exuma.


Kristen & Patrick said...

just so you know, i created a blog for patrick & myself. you told me you have a hard time getting him to talk sometimes so hopefully this will help you guys stay up to date when your unable to talk to him! Miss you tons, and see you in August (hopefully :)

The Quint Family said...

Where will you guys be during the winter? I can't imagine you leaving Schooner behind, although we'd love to have her!