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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Highborne Cay

We arrived in Highborne Cay after a hellish night off Norman’s Cay. The winds were so strong; the wind generator sounded like it was going to fly us out of there! (Normally we hardly hear it) By morning though, the wind dropped off and the seas settled down and it was an enjoyable ride straight into a north wind. Once in the marina and all tied up, we took Schooner to the beach and did some swimming. It feels great to be tied up to a dock again and to have some AC!!

Today is a sad day… we part company with long time cruising friends Chip and Kay (BESO) as they start their journey to Rhode Island. We have been together since making the crossing 2 ½ months ago from Florida and what a great time we’ve had! We look forward to meeting up again next fall. Hope you two have a great crossing!

After seeing BESO off, Gordon and I took a walk and did some picture taking about the Island. Highborne Cay is a privately owned island, (one of the many which were sold by the FNM the last time they were in charge of the government!) and everything is brought in by private transportation (either plane or boat.) The cost of everything here is really EXPENSIVE, even for the Bahamas (like $60.00 for a case of beer or $36.00 for a case of canned Coke! Holy Moley!!!) There isn’t much else here other than the marina, private homes and a small settlement with a BATELCO (phone) station. The beaches here, however, are long and beautiful and they even make their road signs pretty!

Gordon scored us 8 pounds of Dolphin (mahi mahi) from a fishing boat docked beside us (he had to do the filleting though) in exchange for a bottle of wine, so we’ll be eating gooood for the next couple days.

More bad west winds are predicted for the weekend so we are leaving for Cape Eleuthera on Friday and will be there until at least Tuesday. This is Troy’s big weekend of soccer and I wish we could be with them, but will just have to wish them well from our vantage point here on the beach. Good luck, fair winds and may there be NO rain!!


Kristen & Patrick said...

i love reading your blog. i think i check the darn thing everyday! :) But it makes me happy (which i am sure you have noticed isnt very hard to do. lol) And as for the b/w photo, do you guys have photoshop or corel PSP by any chance? I can send you an email with instructions if you do, if not you can send you pictures to me, tell me how you want them edited and i can email them back :) love you both

The Quint Family said...

I want to vote but I don't have any choices to choose from. Are you going to fix that? Also, I like you new layout too.