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Thursday, May 8, 2008


We made a short shot up to Big Major yesterday. This is where the piggies are and where I got bit last year. We learned that the big brown pig that jumped in the dingy and bit me, was Christmas dinner at the Staniel Cay Yacht Club this year. Anyway, there are now three white, medium pigs and one of them has five little ones. We were able to get pictures of the big ones but not the little guys. Schooner was not impressed with them or they with her. The sounds that came from her were really strange and she about took Gordon down scrambling away from them.

We took the dingy into Staniel Cay for the afternoon and made the rounds of the gift shop and groceries (3) and hung out at the yacht club for a couple of beers.
We also visited a local artist, Joan Mann, and checked out her gallery. You can see some of her work online at www.joanmann.com. She really does some nice stuff.

Today, we are headed to Compass Cay Marina… time to do some laundry (t-shirts and swimsuits) charge up batteries, and do some serious beach combing! We should have Internet for at least two days there so I can catch up on e-mails. Oh, by the way we again have TV…. I will get to see the final of Survivor. Yea, and thanks to all of you for keeping me apprised of what was going on…NOT THAT ONE OF YOU DID!!

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