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Monday, May 19, 2008

Great Weekend

This was a great weekend… we arrived at Powel Point, Eleuthera, and

the Cape Eleuthera Resort and Yacht Club on Friday, May 16th. (Check their website at www.capeeleuthera.com). Cape Eleuthera offers fishing, diving, and many extreme water sports and adventures along with first class lodging. The marina here is so clean and the water so clear we have been making water dockside. Every one here has been so friendly and helpful; this has to be one of our favorite places to stay in the whole of the Bahamas.

Our best friends and “family”, Perry and Rosie, drove down from Current to spend the weekend with us, and a great weekend it was. They arrived early Saturday morning and we spent most of the morning catching up on all of the local news. After a short drive to Rock Sound, for some grocery shopping, we got back to the Cape in time for an early dinner at “Barracuda’s”, the beachside restaurant. The dinner menu was limited, but was well prepared and very good! We watched the sunset from the cockpit of the boat and, although there was no green flash, it was spectacular!

Sunday morning, Gordon fixed us his signature sausage and biscuits for breakfast. We then drove to “Princess Cay.” This is where the Princess Cruise Lines has its “island set up” to make everyone believe they are on a private island. We have cruised by here twice passing their ships, but had never been to this part of Eleuthera. Unfortunately, no ship was in and the place was all locked up. The only life we saw was a group of boys fishing! After our drive, we returned to Cape Eleuthera for lunch at the Bahamian Coffee Company & Deli. The sandwiches there would make any US deli proud!!

We were sorry to see Perry and Rosie leave for home Sunday night, but it will only be a short time until we will be up their way. We are planning on spending another day or so here before heading back to the Exumas and Sampson Cay. Until then, we are cleaning, waxing and doing general maintenance before heading out (Such Fun!!!)

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Kristen & Patrick said...

i am so jealous you got to spend the weekend with Rosie and Perry! When you see them next, send them our love! I really have been craving that crab stuff Perry makes so well!!

Patrick got a Subaru Forrester.(i think) its the same car that you used to have, but they made it into an SUV. Its really nice, and its easier to cart Charlie around now!

Ill send G the email by the end of the week. It will take me a little while to type them all up, but ill do it the second i get some free time!
Love you both!