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Monday, November 9, 2009

Charleston with friends

We have a couple days to catch up on laundry and scrub down the boat since it has warmed up. We were able to get a coat of wax on the back half of the deck. It is looking much better and the bird poo is hosing off much easier. Our bestes friends John and Debbie came down to see us today, they took time out from their vacation in Myrtle Beach . They brought me Mikesells potato chips and cranberry salad...yum!! Unless you have had Mikesells chips you wouldn't understand how good they are and NO other chip is like them. 4 twin bags to last me until Christmas !!! I am saving the crabberry salad for our Thanksgiving dinner if I can control the urge not to eat it.

John and Debbie got to the boat as I was rinsing the poo off the boat but I was so glad to see them I almost slipped getting off for hugs....2 years is too long between visits!! We went below and Debbie promtly became seasick so it was off to check out Charleston. I guess Debbie won't be sailing with us anywhere unless we have enough Tequilla or drugs to keep her oblivious to motion!!

We walked down to Market Street and visited the straw market looking for some good buys. Can you believe that a small basket not more than 4" diameter and 2" tall with a lid costs $250.00...OMG inflation I guess!!! Nothing new that I just had to have, the product selection was disappointingwith much of it coming from China. We did find a new spice shop, simular to a Penzeys, that had a really nice selection. Gordon picked out a couple spices he felt we needed and we were off.

That was enough to make us hungry so we headed to a new place we had not tried before...Gilligan's. The Bloody Marys lacked spunk but the crab cakes, shrimp salad, and crab dip got a thumbs up!! After lunch we walked back to the marina and got in the car and headed over to Sullivan's Island. Debbie was able to use her new camera for some shots of dolphin and pelicans before heading over to the Sullivan Island Lighthouse.
Unfortunatly, it is an active light so we couldn't go up in it. We decided to go back over to the Battery and watch the sunset!!! I hate that it is dark at 5:00pm...it makes the day so short!!

We ended the day at Tommy Condon's Irish Pub, with a beer and some Irish natchos ( fried potatoe chunks drizzled with ranch dressing, chopped onions, bacon, cheddar cheese, and Jalapeno's....way bad for you but oooohhhh soooooo good!!! Those of you that know me I hate saying good bye and this day was NO different and the waterfalls started as soon as we got back in the car and headed to the marina. I wish we had had more time together but Christmas will come soon> What a faboulous day!!

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