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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Isle of Hope, Georgia Thanksgiving

We arrived at the marina last night around 2pm and we were the last boat on the dock right behind a really big yacht!! This is the first time we have stayed here, we usually stay at Thunderbolt and get the free Krispy Kremes and newspaper each morning. We are trying out some new places along the way this trip and this place sounded really good. The marina offers a free loaner car for 2 hours so we used the car to locate WalMart...I needed a few things for our Thanksgiving dinner!! While out, we stopped in for dinner at Uncle Bubba's. For you that don't follow the food network, Uncle Bubba is Paula Denns brother!! We started off the meal with charbroiled oysters...yum, yum!! They were very similar to ones my mother used to make; oyster on the half shell, roasted over an open flame with garlic butter and covered with Parmesan cheese. Gordon had frest whole catfish, roasted potatoes and cole slaw, nice southern dinner! I had the shrimp po' boy with Deens' famous Mac-n-cheese and cole slaw. and we both finished the meal sharing chocolate creme brulee'. What a great meal after a long day on the water!!

We got moving early Wednesday morning so we could catch the bus into Savannah at 8:45am.The bus ride into Savannah took about 45 minutes and we made many stops taking on people and letting them off...thank you public transportation...total cost $3.00. Once in downtown Savannah, it started to mist a bit, so we sought out a place to get some breakfast/lunch. We were told to try Huey's, a southern/Louisanna style eatery. Really good food, right on the waterfront. Then it was off to walk and shop for the day. The waterfront is littered with eceletic , antique shops and candy and peanut stores!! Peanuts are the only thing Schooner eats thats not dog food so she was in seventh heaven cleaning up the peanuts people had dropped!! Can't wait to get to pick those piles up!!! We had a great time, we even stopped in at Lady and Son's, Paula Deens place for a bite before hailing a cab to take us back to the marina. That cost us $20...buses don't run after 5!! I put together an collage of our day, so I hope you enjoy!!

Today is Thanksgiving!!! We started the day off watching the Macy's Parade. One day I would like to be in New York to see it, I just don't think TV does it justice. We talked with all the kids, sisters and some friends, (if you didn't get a call, we ran out of minutes) But we hope everyone had a blessed day. Gordon and I are both thankful for the many friends we have, new, old and ones to come our way, We are blessed with good health and if things improve with the economy we will be able to keep on traveling!! We had a traditional turkey (breast only) dinner with all the trimings including cranberry salad from Ohio. I think this is the first Thanksgiving it has been just the two of us....almost just another day on Current Jumper. We ended the evening watching a wonderful Georgia... sunset!

Moving farther south in the morning>>>

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