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Friday, November 20, 2009

Last Days in Charleston

It has been a whirl wind week with uncle guy and Marilyn here. We have been to West marine atleast twice and to Jason's Deli to eat. We drove all over so Marilyn could find her licence plate bracket with South Carolina and palmetto palms on it in red!!! If you are interested check out Palmetto Moon in the Citidel Mall they have many and all different colors to match your car!!

We also went over tothe new Park and pier in Mt Pleasant. They, the community, took swamp land, added fill dirt from making the Ravnel bridge and turned it into a wonderful park with many uses. There is a welcome center with a rentable room for weddings, art shows,etc. They put in large playground that is actually under the bridge so it is shaded most of the day. There is a fishing pier, that seems a mile long, with a small bait, tackle and sundrie shop. Onthe pier they put in adult swings and fixed tables with chairs for picnics. And totop it off thete is a War Memorial to everyone who has served this country of ours. The memorial is one of the best I have seen.

It is of a women accepting the folded flag of her soldier who died. All Mt Pleasant service men who lost their life in the service of their country is commerated on a fountain wall; even those dating back to the Civil War. Really quite impressive.

Last night we did burgers and sausages on the grill over at Guy and Marilyn's campsite. Schooner got a chance to play at the dog park there at James Island County Park. She played with all the big dogs so she has been sleeping all day today. After dinner, we toured the Holiday Festival of Lights, that is set up there. They have been setting up Christmas light displays for 20 years and they do one heck of a job!!! They also display a super sand sculpture that is 20' long x 15' tall x 15 wide....a big one!!! If you are in Charleston between November and January, this is a great place to visit. Marilyn and Guy took us back to the marina and we said our good-byes, waterfalls and all, but we look forward to hooking up again in Florida next year...that sounds funny, next year!!

Today, we prepared the boat for travel, washed the poo from the deck, and checked our mailbox one last time. We stopped at Jestine's for an early dinner on our bike ride back from the Mailbox. Jestine's is a small diner looking restaurant that sits on the corner of Meeting and Wentworth Streets. We have noticed over our many visits to Charleston a long line to eat there. We were fortunate, no line at 4:45pm, but the place was full and a line when we left at 6:00pm. Gordon had the southern fried chicken, real mashed potatoes with gravy, fried okra, and cole slaw, I had the pork chop, mac-n-cheese and green beans. We shared corn fritters and 2 bowls of the tables bread-n-butter pickles, and table wine(sweet tea) to top it off ...a real southern meal!! It was so good, every bit was like it had been prepared at home. We will have to go again next stop over!!! Oh yea...the banana pudding with vanilla wafers finished both of us!!

Well it's goodby to Charleston and here we come Savannah!!!

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