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Monday, November 23, 2009

Harbour Town, Hilton Head, SC

We left Charlestown at after a trip to the farmers market one last time...needed to pick up some Italian spices for Marilyn and we also had a big breakfast there. We were pulling out of the marina by 8:45am and on the way south. It turned out to be a fairly nice day, we made bridges without much waiting and I was able to work on Emeryn's Christmas stocking. The ICW was quiet and not much boat traffic. we just kept going and going. after better than 9 hours, 3 hours after dark we tied up to the dock in Beaufort, SC. We had looked at places to anchor out but at about 5:30pm the wind kicked up and rain came down and it looked like we were in for some bad weather so G just kept us going. Have I mentioned how much I HATE traveling the waterway at night??? Really bad hate it!!! But we made it safetly, Schooner got to use land to do her stuff and I got a good nights sleep.

In the morning, we didn't move very fast at getting away from the dock, we only had 4 hours of traveling to get to Harbour Town. We met another Hunter 45"... we shared information and checked each others boats, then we were on our way!! It looked like rain for most of the trip south but of course it had to wait until we were pulling into the marina at Hilton Head to really let down!! Of course, I am the one that gets wet not Gordon when docking!!! It managed to rain most of the night so we didn't get to see any part of Hilton Head that day!!! Day 2, we were up and out early, the sun was sort of shining, in and out but no rain. Did I say we were at the Harbour Town Marina? It is the marina located on the southwest end of the island, at Sea Pines. It is marked by a replica, red and white lighthouse. It is the first time we have stopped but won't be our last. It is a very protected harbour and we have easy access to it from both the waterway or the Atlantic. There are many shops and a few resturants near-by and of course the lighthouse to tour. We made the climb and took many pictures before eating lunch. i But, it was after lunch that we partook in some shopping, but didn't find anything we couldn't live without though!! Can you find our boat in the marina???

Tomorrow, it is off to the Isle of Hope Marina and Savannah, Georgia. again it is only a few hours away so it should be a nice trip. We have already decided to hop outside and avoid Fields Cut and save the bottom and prop from any harm.....we have been told it is less than 5' deep at high tide...not good when you draw 5' !!!

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