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Friday, November 13, 2009

Fresh shrimp and Tall Ships

Today was one of those days when one after another the shrimp boats came to the Maritime Center for ice. We were able to purchase some from what I call the Vietnamese boat...the Captain and most of his 3 man crew are all from Vietnam...duh Any way, we were able to get some really fresh, head-on large shrimp for $20. Some, being 144 to be exact and they were what a store would call a 12- 14 count shrimp! Looks like some good eating on the horizon.

It has been raining since John and Debbie were here, but today it is beautiful except for being windy. The marina has bee full and boats have been coming and going despite the weather cconditions. There is a Tall Ship, "Spirit of Massachuttes"

that is here. It came in with damage to its sails and a mast from a storm it got caught in. The crew, which is made up of mostly college age students doing an internship, has been working non stop. They had all the pots and pans up on the dock the other day washing and drying them. I have never seen so many dirty dishes!! They must have been saving them for a rainy day!!! They had to redo the rigging and Vasoline the lines and mast...look messy and dirty to me but I guess it is better than when they used lard on them!!!

At one time there were 4 Tall Ships, The Spirit of South Carolina which makes her home there, The Spirit of Baltimore, and the Hindu, a privately owned and restored Tall Ship. It was quite impressive to see these ships, it is not something you get to see very often!! We did get a few good pictures to share though.

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