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Monday, November 16, 2009

Uncle Guy and Marilyn

We had a quiet weekend, we were doing odd jobs, cleaning and looking for future projects that will need to be done. We had 2 new enclosure panels made to replace the side entry ones. They are the ones that are rolled up the most and we were having trouble with the zippers tearing away from the glass. They are so nice and clear right now!! We did make a trip over to the Charleston Farmers Market and picked up some herbs to send to Patrick. They are the very best Italian blend we have ever run across and we tend to use it up quickly!! I also bought some fresh dill pickles with hot peppers and boy howdy will thet make you pucker and sweat!! We also managed to get in a nice bike ride after being cooped up after last weeks rain. They have put up a big Christmas tree in the end of Marion Square and decorations are showing up along King and Meeting Streets. Things are begining to look like Christmas although Thanksgiving is still 2 weeks away!! Uncle Guy and Marilyn got here around 2:00pm from Ohio and picked us up for dinner. We went to Melvin's...probally the best BBQ joint around!! Guy introduced this place to us back in 2006 and it has become a must visit eatery when in Charleston. It is so much fun visiting with Uncle Guy and Marilyn...we just pick up where we left off the last time!! I would have to say they are one of our oldest friends...they were there for the wedding some 32 years ago!!! But we are still young at heart...right!! We have plans to run errands tomorrow with them and more catch up ( not the red stuff) to do!! We have them until Thursday so it will be a busy week!! Better get some sleep.......

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