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Tuesday, August 12, 2008


It’s early on Tuesday and I have just finished watching the US win its third round game in its entirety! They looked impressive without Wambach and I look forward to seeing them play Canada now! Patrick is here with Charlie (a Great Dane mix) and Schooner is in seventh heaven with having a playmate.
When she went to bed last night, she didn’t move, but was ready to go at him first thing this morning.

Gordon and I realized we hadn’t seen Patrick since Erika’s wedding last year. Way too long to go without seeing your son! We really don’t have any plans, but will take the dogs to the beach later today and maybe go to Williamsburg or Norfolk tomorrow.

The boat has had its crack patched and we found out there was a manufacture’s flaw, which actually caused it.

There was a bubble between the layers of glass close to where they fit the deck to the hull. Don’t get me wrong; we took a really good thump against the piling, but probably could have gotten by without damage. Now we wait to be pulled so the rest of the work gets done!!

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