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Wednesday, August 6, 2008


We arrived at the Atlantic Yacht Basin in great Bridge, Virginia late on Tuesday afternoon and quickly went to the AC and cabin for a rest. We got a good nights rest and were up early on Wednesday morning. This was really the first time we’ve had a really good look at our "storm damage." Since we are here at a working yard, we had James Taylor take a look at "it" with us. The recommendation was to get it fixed now, so the crack in the hull didn’t “grow!” We were moved to the back of the boatyard canal for the repair work, which is supposed to start today.

While relocating the boat I twisted, turned or otherwise messed up my back! It brought back memories of last year when I hurt it in Exumas. Needless to say, I have been on painkillers and bed rest since noon yesterday. I have tried stretching, hot water showers and ice and finally resorted to calling Erika at 7:45am this morning, to see if Dr. Rich knew of a doctor here in Virginia. (No luck on a doctor) Of course, she answered with "what's wrong" as if I only call when there is something wrong!! Kids...you gotta love them!!

Anyway, I'm back in bed and taking it easy before they kick us out of the boat to haul it and do the work...clean and paint the bottom, repair the rudder and fix the crack in the gel coat. This will delay us about two weeks from moving north.

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