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Sunday, August 10, 2008


It’s now Sunday and I resorted to my friend Chip’s method of back recovery!! DRUGS!! With a good dose of painkillers in my system, the ole’ back is feeling better,(Sorry Andie) but I am moving slowly. Watching the Olympic Games on TV has been keeping me occupied the last few days.

The boat is still in the same place it was on Wednesday afternoon. Although, the crack has been dug out, patched, and filled, we are still tied to a dock. It’s been pretty interesting to, however, watch how they’ve worked on the boat. A floating pier was tied on the damaged side of the boat and work was done by guys standing on a floating work platform. Fortunately, there is no current or tide change in the basin.

Friday came fast and of course NO ONE works the weekend, so we await Monday’s arrival to find out when we will be pulled from the water. Looking at many of the other boats being repaired, ours is minor damage. One boat hit a deadhead (A stump partially submerged in the water) and tore 3 big gashes (2’x 3’ and up to 1’ x 4’.) They were fortunate to have big bilge pumps, so they didn’t sink.

Patrick and Charlie are due to arrive today. This will be interesting to see how a Great Dane gets along on a boat! This year, should they pull us out of the water in the morning, we’ll find a motel room for the duration of being out of water. NO climbing ladders and absence of AC for us!! With Patrick coming, we will go explore the area and bring you the highlights of Great Bridge, Chesapeake and Norfolk, Virginia!

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