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Friday, August 15, 2008

Out of Water

Well, we moved to a motel on Thursday morning when they pulled the boat out of the water. We decided it would be too hot and difficult to stay aboard with Patrick and Charlie visiting and I must say I am enjoying the motel, except for the pillows! It has been a great visit with Patrick, although we’ve spent the last 2 days just lying around. Patrick and Gordon did a couple of projects on the boat, after the boat was pulled, and other than that we have spent most of the time watching the Olympics!! That Michael Phelps is one amazing swimmer, and I can say that I lived to see both he and Mark Spitz set swimming records.

OK, back to the boat… the bottom wasn’t all that bad, it helped that Gordon spent 3 hours cleaning the bottom in the Bahamas back in May!!! The rudder wasn’t as bad as we thought either; we just ground the bottom layer of gel-coat off.
A little scraping, some paint and she should looked like new again, but since it is Friday, we will have to wait until Monday for anything more to be done this week.

Patrick is leaving us in the morning, so we will have time to work on a few of the other projects Gordon has planned.

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