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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Stilllllll in Great Bridge

We are stilllllllll in Great Bridge, VA, but finally in the water!! Gordon and I have been busy cleaning up the boat this week. I have been in every nook and cranny of the aft cabin and most of those in the main salon. I re-arraigned the lighthouses and made room for my winter acquisitions!! Gordon and I have again, gone through our clothing and taken another bag of clothes to a local charity. I am getting down to next to nothing to wear and the worst part is I don’t have a lot of choices left. We both got new swimsuits, on sale last week, but haven’t gotten to even put them on!!

The only job left on my list is to scrub and wax the deck!! I already washed and waxed the cockpit area, scrubbed and treated the canvass, including doing the isinglass, but that was all I could do, since we are now being hit with the remnants of TS FAY. Gordon has rewired the inverter, changed every thing that requires oil and fluids, installed a new shower pump box; we found ours was, and has been, broken since we first got the boat!! (Chadassedit) It’s amazing how well the shower pumps out now. For those of you that have used it, there is no more water on the floor following a shower thanks to Gordon reinstalling a new teak threshold properly!!

Schooner is really enjoying it here!! She has the ability to run “loose” all around the island here at the boat yard. She is getting so comfortable with it she is starting to actually come back on command…provided there are no birds present!!! She sleeps most of the time just from shear exhaustion!! The photo is of her in her favorite sunning place after running and the other is her guarding the boat!!

Question is …when will we move?? Due to the weather, Gordon has NO clue…we just keep bidding our time doing “little” projects to stay busy and as long as nothing more breaks, we should be able to move on the first of the week!! WEATHER DEPENDING!! (Gustov & Hannah)

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Good job on the slide show!